Creating Special Lawn Seeds

A lawn seed that could survive many types of diseases and harmful chemicals is something that any garden owner would immediately consider getting. I see a great potential in this lawn seed, and I’ve followed a project whose aim is to develop one. If successful, the seed can be a great way to control unwanted weeds by easily spraying chemicals without harming the lawn.

Having a special kind of grass pretty much gives every owner the ease and convenience to maintain a lawn, even with the top zero turn mower in your shed. Unlike other grasses which can be prone to different kinds of diseases and destroy the beauty of the garden, a “super grass” will be very useful.

Lawn maintenance will also be easier because it can you no longer have to look for specific herbicides that will not harm the lawn. Manual cutting will also be easier, especially with a ride-on mower. Using ride-on mowers finishes the job faster and more efficiently. These machines are expected to last more than 10 years of regular usage, so they are the perfect partner to lawn maintenance.

This new type of grass can be maintained the same way as other lawns. In mowing, for instance, you just have to follow the most important rules. Read the guidelines below:

Follow the 1/3 rule

Only cut 1/3 of the grass blades when mowing. This can greatly reduce the surface area of the blades making the grass produce less food.

Mow when the grass is dry

Mowing wet grass makes the cut pieces clump together which can produce brown spots.

Make sure that the mower blades are sharp

Sharp blades mean sharp cuts. If the blades are dull, the leaves can be damaged. As a result, the lawn may suffer from discoloration and lack of moisture.

If you are not putting the clippings in a bag, distribute them evenly on the lawn

Properly distributing the clippings on the lawn makes sure that the whole lawn area gets equal nutrition.

For newly seeded grass, it is highly advised to mow it three to four weeks after germination. During this time, the blades are still tender and can be easily damaged by the machine the moment it passes. Allow the new grass to grow about 1 inch more than the usual mowing height.

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