What is Microbial Genomics?

Microbial Genomics is a field of science that deals with analyzing the entire genetic material of microorganisms. Studying the genomes of large groups of microorganisms is done mainly in laboratories by the experts to create new schemes to prevent possible outbreaks.

Another goal of Microbial Genomics is to discover new types of viruses and how they can cause damage to humans and other living things. This can help the other fields of science to create new medicines and vaccines that can prevent or cure diseases.

After the genes have been studied, the scientists now compare them to other genomes. Doing this allows them to learn the ancestry of microorganisms and how they have evolved. Studying microbial genomes allows experts to have a better understanding of the genetic composition of bacteria and how it becomes a factor in its characteristics. This knowledge lets scientists understand the antibiotic resistance of other microorganisms better.

In a more familiar context, Microbial Genomics can be applied in common backyard gardens. An ordinary backyard garden not only contains plants but also microorganisms that dwell among these plants. Knowing how different microorganisms affect how plants grow allows you to develop a better plan for maintaining it and keeping it healthy.

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